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new s-class family portrait

Started by hokman, 25 March 2006, 08:56 AM


Can anyone find 2 (maybe more) similarities between the new w221 and w116 that doesn't share with any other s-class?

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Answer: 1.bonnet shut line doesn't line up with the line between turn indicator and headlight.
            2.size and proportion of the grille
Strange details about w221, why go back to chrome door handles when Benz stopped using them for 3 generations.
Why use the bonnet shut line that connects the middle of the grille to the middle of the headlight like w108 and w111?
Why is the grille angle increasing while the w220's grille fell so flat?


Well, with those front "fenders" appearing on the latest S-class and the grill getting straighter, we might see "retro-benzes" in this century, what the next generation should look like is a "21st century" retro 540K saloon  ;D


Paris, France


Is 540K the one Hitler had?  Couldn't imagine benz is looking so far behind.


Hitler had a 770k from around 1939 onwards, have seen pictures of him in various Benzes, 6 wheels G3's etc, 770ks