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column shift

Started by Des, 20 February 2007, 02:36 AM


well we had a thread recently on column shift on the w116, didn't we? I'm sure we did, although I can't find it.

anyway, here is some pictures of a column shift setup


Hi Des,

The thread about the column shift came up because of the little window in the instruments that is used to show the gear positions in a 116 with column shift and the outside temperature in a 126.

The discussion all came about as I thought it was the position of the outside temperature gauge but apparently this only started with 126's.



oooooo!  :)  I want a set of flag holders....I wonder if there is a part Number out there somewhere...??
sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!


I thought it would be quite cool to have some original flag poles on my 280SE, till I saw the price at over 800 Euros each!!



LOL,that's a damn shame..... I know everyones W116 across the globe ;D

That beauty belongs to  Hans  ;)

Before he restored it


Ask Hans where he got the flag poles...........


I'll try and reach him but I haven't heard from him in about a month.Perhaps he's floating around at the French W116 site


The president of the Mercedes Club of South Africa has recently bought a long wheel base W114 230.6 limo. It is black with red leather and has the original flag poles!! It used to belong to the King of Lesotho.



To truly christen my car "Bismarck" I really need some flags don't I? After all what battleship would be complete without some national colours flying,

before anyone has a sniggering remark, no i would not fly swastikas from my car



Stumbled across another flag bearer.  Check the foto bit too on this site.  Very nice cars and a good collection of pentas, spoilers, rear curtains on a 6.9 and see that chromed m110. Very Nice!!! Click Here links to -

1973 350SE, my first & fave


Oscar, the cars are great. Too bad mine isn't in such a good shape...
But... but.... I purchased an original AMG front spoiler for about US$40.  ;D
Can't wait to spray it and put it in it's place...



You WHAT!!!!

Next thing you'll tell me how you picked up 4 penta wheels for 20 bucks each :D

Good find Andrew.  Let us know when you go to fit it if you need advice, although I think you'll work it out.
1973 350SE, my first & fave


Thanks Oscar  ;D
Well the fitting is no problem... just to see how it looks, I put it in place and after snaping it over the front panel it stood by itself... looking good. But it's black and the car gray-green so... paint!!!

PS: I would sure love some AMG penta's... 16" if possible  ;D

Andrew in Romania