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Self-levelling: Do I have it?

Started by bobboyer5, 11 October 2005, 01:53 PM



Hi!! This is my first post after just registering.

I'm pretty savvy as to my car. I'm 2nd owner of anthracite german-spec 450 SEL '77.  Very well-preserved, with 78K on clock.

My question:  How can I determine if I have self-leveling or not?

Would appreciate a definitive answer.


Also:  what would you suggest to get those nasty pider-scratch marks off my anthracite.  It sows up only in direct sun. Beautiful otherwise.



Thanks for my first reply!  I reside in South Florida, USA. (Hollywood, to be exact).  Vehicle is a german-spec 450 sEL which original german owner brought years ago to the States.

I have large plastic (black) container, with 2 hoses going in and out on top, but located near right rear of compartment. No hydraulic pump obvious. But there are several lines running under chassis, only 2 of which are related to fuel flow.  So I'm not certain.

As to paint, since i'm not trained in wet-sanding or professional buffing, I shall invest in professional services. Good advice; thanks.  The anthracite is deep and reflective; but in any direct light, lots of small surface scratches appear and make the service look rough.  Indirect lighting greatly increases the reflectivity and depth of the paint.

One more item:  as to the driver's seat height adjuster, since it doesn't seem to be increasing height as I adjust, would it be better to adjust without my sitting on the seat??  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Finally, wish that Michelin still made 205/70 14's in a v-rated series.  The sidewalls on those available (usually t-rated) just don't seem to have "it".

Take care!!