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Started by olliparr, 18 January 2006, 06:42 AM


Anybody know if its possible to fit rear seat belts to a 1977 280se ??? Advice most welcome...


I'm amazed there aren't already rear belts fitted as standard equipment.

I have them in my 1979 W116 (factory standard) - and also in my three older chariots.

If they aren't fitted, I'm sure the mounting holes/threads are there.
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I didnt have rear belts in my 450SEL-80. I took a set of rear belts from a W123 with no problems.
The installation was very easy, really a 'plug and play' procedure. All the required screw holes are there waiting with the correct threads, and there is the space in the C-pillar for the roll mechanism.

Only the belt hole in the C-pillar upholstery had to be done and the plastic piece over the whole costing about 50 cents installed there. At the back of the upholstery over the C-pillar there are the grooves ready, so the hole cannot be misplaced.


I have the rear seat out of my 1979 450SEL at the present time and if you have any problems I can photograph the factory belt installation.

They use inertia reel belts that come up through the trim on the C pillar on both sides and a plain manual lap belt for the central seats.

Bill Babe


Hi Olli,

Have sent you photo's as requested.

As I said with the photo's my car was a UK Spec original and was originally fitted with some worn out front Britax UK Seat belts. The rears are Australian Kangol's and would have been fitted for registration when it was imported into Australia in the 1980's

All mounting points appear to have been original fittings and the belts appear no different to those found in any other Australian Saloon up until the last few years when the central sash only belt was superseded by 3 lap sash inertia reel restraints in the back..

Australia was one of very few countries which required rear seat belts to be both fitted and used through the 1970's and 80's.

Hope the photo's answer your questions.

Bill Babe