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Radiator related parts

Started by hamidagha, 18 February 2024, 11:26 AM


Hi all
I have read the various discussion here and have now removed the radiator from my 1979 280SE (Europe). It came out nice and easy, and my next task is to have it reconditioned as it had a slight leak.
There are a couple of parts I like to replace, but for the life of me, I can not remember where the clickable catalogue is, so I hope someone can guide me.
- at the bottom of radiator, there are two metal clips that hold the fan housing/surround. Any idea/help with part number?
- The lower pipe from transmission fluid into the radiator, at some point was badly fitted and has a slight dent in the elbow. How easy is it to replace and what is the part number?
Thank you



Is this what you're looking for:

Nut: 0005050172
Regarding your second question if the inlet or outlet transmission oil fitting is damaged, the radiator shop can easily replace that. Normally they have those fittings in their shop or they can get them for you.
1978 280S


Hello Hamidagha

I had my 280 re cored by Motor rads Brockhill Works, Windsor Rd, Redditch B97 6DJ. They did a great job. £312




Thank you Taha, just what was needed. I have ordered the clips and the hose.
Fergus, that is great. They are only 15 minutes from me and I think I will contact them.