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Over heating m110 engine

Started by Magyar, 27 March 2024, 06:30 AM


Hi, all of the M110 powered 280se cars ive owned overheated, why do these engines always over heat?

How do I prevent it from over heating?
W116 1975 280 se


Generally these cars need entire system to be in order. Radiator, fan clutch, thermostat and water pump. And ac fan.
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Ditto to the comments by rumb'

I've only overheated 2 times in my cars 45 year ownership.
Both times was down to some part of the system being worn or dated.
And just recently I discovered the system losing water. It was simply simply a faulty radiator cap.
I've taken the radiator out 3 times now, roughly every 10 years and sent it off to be professionally cleaned in an acid bath. Perhaps thats kept it in good stead.