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Lowering springs????Help anyone????

Started by Blighty450SEL, 26 July 2005, 04:30 PM


Hi all!

just wondering has anyone or does anyone know of any company who makes/sells lowering springs for W116's???

I have just spent 2 fruitless hours searching the net with no joy at all...the only things I can find are uprated shocks....I dont want anything too crazy just a mild 10-20mm drop so the wheels fill the arches better and the handling is improved.

thanks in advance of any info

paul :)


I can not say from experience yet (I will do the same when I need to replace my current springs) but I thought Eibach  make what you need. They are OEM too which is nice.
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I have had a look on the Eibach site but unfortunately they only seem to supply shocks and not springs...if you know different then please let me know


Paul :)


Well its all sorted :)

I have found a company here in the UK that will make me some bespoke springs to my exact requirements (spring rating ride height etc) for about ?60 per spring...

Happy days :)

I just need to send them some samples of my springs and they will discuss my requirements and have some springs out to me within the month :)

ill get some pics up of my car with the lowered suspension and new alloys when it is all done :)

take it easy



Thanks for the info Styria but I am looking to lower the ride height and uprate the springs I am also uprating the shocks to adjustable Spax items...Its not the lowering that I am most bothered about but it will be an added bonus,

I want the stiffen up the handling on my SEL as well for less body roll and also stiffen up the rear for towing with a boot full and a car full :)

I would suspect that the springs from an SLC would be a little weaker as they are from a lighter car??

am I right on this??



Nilo AMG

If you want less body roll, you can try to substitue the original anti roll bushings for harder ones. Equals a thicker bar, that you won't be able to find for our cars!




Good Call Nilo

Ill get my mate to make me up some polyurethene bushes at work and see how that sorts be fair the original rubber bushes are probably well past their sell by date by now

cheers for the idea :)


Sorry I know this is old but, if you haven't sorted this out yet you should have your springs compressed, I had mine done by a suspension specialist and the results are great, nice ride, less roll, improved handling, I had a 50mm drop front and 45mm rear

Maybe a bit aggressive for some but it works :twisted:


Nomada, awsome.  

I've never contemplated lowering the car since clearance was necessary and highway drives are rare.  And changing the wheels, most modern wheels, in my opinion, don't suit the body.  Although I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to my car, some mods just work, like yours.  Interesting to hear about the improved handling, must be fun to drive.

BTW, which 116 version is the car and what did you do to the grill ie: the chrome strips? Looks great.
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Nomada that looks sweet I am tempted to take mine that low :) I have never heard of compressing springs...whats involved??