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How to identify my automatic transmission?

Started by ortolani, 13 January 2023, 06:50 AM


The automatic transmission on my 1975 D-Jet 280 SE is identified as 114 2/0 1901030077 as shown in the attached photo. How do I know if it is a 722.101, 722.103 or 722.112? Thanks!

Jan S

This is my trans - 722.004 for a W116 450 SE USA. Somehow it fits the 6.9 engine.

Seems to me you have a trans for a W114. Is that right? And from the number 103 you probably have the 722.103 originally for W114.062 or W114.072?

A different type of number than on my W116.
1975-mod W116 450 SE with 6.9 engine


If I'm reading this correctly, 116.024 280SE should have 722.103
I need to scan this whole book some day...

It wouldn't surprise me to see a 114 part number on a 722.103 because the same transmission would be in a 114.062 280E or 114.072 280CE

The part number in your picture is in fact 114 270 19 01, and I believe 030077 is the serial number.
This suggests 114 270 19 01 maps to either 722.101 or 722.103

Taking all this in, I think you can be pretty confident that you have the original 722.103 for your car.
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