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Started by Niclas, 03 January 2009, 05:57 PM


Still unable to figure out why my m117 sounds like it does not get enough fuel when you try to rev it.
I've read Nutz superb posts explaining D-jetronic and I'm in the process of checking it all.

Two questons:

Nutz wrote
"Temperature sensor 1
With the engine not running and the ECU harness
disconnected from the ECU,connect an ohmmeter between
ECU harness pin # 1 and 13.At an ambient temperature
the reading should be 200 ohms"

Isn't it really between pin # 1 and 11?? thats where my was connected on the ECU harness, although it said 1 and 13 on the temp sensor it self???

If you adjust the potentiometer on the ECU do you adjust the air/fuel ratio on idle or medium to full power or both???