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6.9 oil cooler

Started by kenny, 22 June 2006, 10:27 AM


Did OZ get the oil cooler that sets next to the radiator or did they get the belt driven trans cooler?  Maybe this isn't an 'either/or' situation.  I ask because I wanted to see if anybody had pictures of the plumbing into the oil system of the oil cooler.

Since my car has a US type radiator and there would be no room for an oil cooler there, I wondered if I could get one anyway and possibly mount it sideways or horizontal beneath the radiator.  I hesitate to just get a Euro or rest of the world radiator, since they are smaller and here in Texas, the heat is pretty severe in summer.  Yesterday was the first day of summer, but we had temps near 100 F last month.

I have a real paranoia about heat related issues.

If no pictures, can somebody describe how it is plumbed in?  I see what look like unused fittings in the oil filter housing.  I am sure I would have to get custom fitted hoses, but would that be too hard?  I think getting the proper fittings might be more involved.

I really am just curious.  I don't have the car to walk out and look at and I don't know what extra room beneath the radiator, if any, there will be when I fit my AMG spoiler later on.

Thanks for any ideas.