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white pvc seats, deep cleaning

Started by HAKO, 21 April 2008, 07:29 AM


Hi Guys,

My question is:
What is the best detergent or whatever, for deep cleaning the white pvc seats
of my 1975 280SE.

Thanks in advance



Hello Harry,

Here in Brazil I use coconut soap with water and a soft brush. It works wonders and you will be amazed with the results. Don't be affraid to get the seats a little wet, work the soap with the brush and wipe off with a damp terry towel. Repeat the process until the towel no longer shows dirt and rinse the towel with clean water frequently.

Finish off by aplying a nice protectant but make sure to use one that does not shine. As said here before, these cars never had shiny interiors when new, just a "flat" satiny finish on the surface of the seats, dash, etc...

Good luck.