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Grille dress-up

Started by s class, 02 July 2007, 01:28 PM

s class

Well as I mentioned in another thread, I bought new grille strips from AutohausAZ, but forgot to get the vertical one.   >:(

I got one today at the dealership, so I have complete kit now.  The grey plastic grille is not chipped or cracked, but the plastic is a bit sad looking, so I decided it needed to be painted.  Clearly preparation is important, and I wanted it spotlessly clean.  Over the weekend I spent about 90 minutes trying to clean it using Omo and an old baby's bottle brush.  Progress was very tedious to say the least.  Some of the 27 year old instect stains and such are very stubborn.  After getting only 20% of the way in that time, I gave it up as a bad idea.  Turns out a new one is around US$100, so no, not for the 280.  On a 6.9 maybe.

I have found a cleaning specialist who claim they will get it perfect using an ultrasonic cleaning device.  I drop it off tomorrow to see what happens.  If its impressive, I will look around to see what else oculd benefit.  I'm thinking it might be worth a try on old tail-light lenses, since new ones are about US$600 each at the dealerhsip. 

Will update with progress.  (and pics)


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