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Mechanicals / Re: 280se - new to me, warm st...
Last post by SteveDuNord - Today at 07:50 AM
Yet more frustration as I attempted to calibrate the WUR. Jumped the wrong pins on the fuel pump relay, smoke, crackles.

Corrected my mistake, pump running but zero system pressure or control pressure showing on the gauge. Figured it could be down to having removed/reconnected a fuel line, so gave it a minute for the fuel to work around the system. Nada.

After a good minute, I swear the relay started to smoke again. Abandoned experiment!

I couldn't be any more peed off with myself and the car at this juncture!
May I also add that bleaching them with anything known may or may not help, but it will very likely come back to a worse color with a vengeance, after some months.

My best info is to purchase Rustoleum vinyl primer and vinyl spray.
Heard these are solid products.
Quote from: UTn_boy on 23 August 2023, 06:33 PMThere are several pages according to the VIN.  But this one is a good example.  Bear in mind that the interior appointments books did not show physical samples of the material.  For that you'd need a sales brochure/pamphlet from a dealership showing the interior color and material options. 

I sure missed you, Aaron!
In a world full of vague opinions, you're a precisely cut factoid!
Test Drive / Re: Sorry, not a 116, but this...
Last post by floyd111 - Today at 01:53 AM
Quote from: Mick74 on 18 August 2023, 03:51 PM
Quote from: ptashek on 17 August 2023, 01:52 PMAmazing car indeed, but... what's the point of owning a 31km classic built for long distance travel, if all it does is going 5m in and out of the garage so that people can drool over it for a few minutes? :)

I will never understand this.

I think that you have a point, as you can ultimately become a prisoner to a car like this, where you are afraid to drive it. I saw something like this at a show a few weeks ago where this immaculate, low mileage, 123 was on  show. I had taken a photo of it last year, and it had only done 300 miles in 12 months. Rather than hidden in a private garage, this particular 240D should be in the museum in Stuttgart, where thousands of people can appreciate it as a 'new' 123. That's where its value lies.

Hear, hear!
Test Drive / Re: 280" Concourse; Diary of a...
Last post by floyd111 - Today at 01:50 AM
Also hi to Rumb!

Looking forward to getting back up to date with the daily ongoings on the Forum!
I hope everyone is still alive and kicking!

Here's some more pics..
Test Drive / Re: 280" Concourse; Diary of a...
Last post by floyd111 - Today at 01:41 AM
He Lucas!
It's been a while!

Been around the world with the family for 1.5 years, trying to escape the global madness, trying to find a new paradise somewhere else.
I did not find it.
But, we did find sanity all over, and my little girl finally recovered from her mask-induced incurable airway infection/inflammation, or whatever that was that the doctors could not cure.

So, after a 100 amazing and rather unbelievable adventures in Zimbabwe, South Africa, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Costa Rica and Nicaragua we're back in Taiwan, slowly picking up where I left off.
The stuff we had to do here, and have done already is nearly too much to list, since the tenants had completely neglected and abused the house as well as the property around it.
Still, the museum is getting back into shape, with everything renovated, unpacked, re-sorted and redecorated.
I'll be posting pictures soon. Hope it's going to be ready in a few days. Took weeks to clean and repair!

The renovated chassis will arrive her next Wednesday or Thursday, and I may just have enough parts in storage to build 1 NOS W116. But, for that I'll need to find a mechanic to assemble the lot. Where have we heard of that problem before? Right! 5 imported mechanics ago!

I was also in Stuttgart, at the MB Museum, where, early morning I parked myself in the lobby, asking to see the Curator/boss.
Told them I'd wait till closing time if required. I did wait that long, and in the end, he appeared. We had a chat where I explained my project to him, and my suggestion he buys my gift-, accessory- and 70's MB workshop interior, for the Stuttgart Museum.
I had seen a W123 Combi in the museum, with lots of era-correct daily items spread around the seats of the car. His idea.
Thus I knew that my project was right up his alley.
I am almost done with my catalogue, after which I'll send it to him. See what he says.

Not counting on anything, I proceed with my Museum build, and now that ALL the items that were gathered and stored at Thomas's place in Germany for 2+ years are also finally in Taiwan, it is all very complete.
Yes, they are finally here. Along the many travels I ended up in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, in places not far from Thomas, and also not far from my expeditor in Brussels.
It was a lovely day trip to Thomas, where we had had lots of talks, and we also unpacked and repacked the endless amount of items in a fashion that would fit my SUV, as well as my family.
We drove back to our rented cottage in Belgium, unpacked the lot, repacked and listed them on shipping manifests, and then drove them to Brussels, while on our way to Amsterdam.
We also ended up having to send customs pics and tax codes of each item, before it finally left Brussels. Never again! Do not try this at home!

Anyways, we're back, trying to pick up from where we left off.
I still need to check whether Tony, my last mechanic from the UK is still alive, and willing to come back to Taiwan. He was very busy keeping up with his boosters, and with his 350lbs weight he may not have survived watching the BBC for 4 years.

I also noticed that the last few pages of my "Dairy of a layman" thread have been disappeared..
I sure hope that we won't have more of these episodes, now most of the world has come to their senses.
There were pics in there that I no longer have copies of, which kinda hurts.
It also creates a clear gap in my thread, that by now is almost fit for a novel. ;D  ;D

Here's a few new pics, a teaser of what is to come.

Mechanicals / Re: PSA - Effect of ethanol bl...
Last post by revilla - Yesterday at 09:08 PM
Mechanicals / Re: 280se -Power steering belt...
Last post by rumb - Yesterday at 04:00 PM
The adjuster should only turn when all the other bolts are loose.
Mechanicals / Re: Tire change Causes suspens...
Last post by rumb - Yesterday at 03:57 PM
What has inspection of underside revealed? Drive shaft, half shafts, suspension, muffler,etc?
Mechanicals / Re: Tire change Causes suspens...
Last post by carzilike - Yesterday at 11:06 AM
Quote from: Alec300SD on Yesterday at 09:33 AM
Quote from: carzilike on 21 September 2023, 05:16 PMHey guys, here is a video that I compiled while driving around 20km/h - the sound occurs and it sounds like something is getting caught up somewhere and then skipping / hitting against something else. Its metallic clanking. Thats the best I can describe it. If I turn slow, there's no noise. When turning right - there's some noise but not as bad as this..
BTDT. Heavy clunking on left turns, worse at higher speeds,  most likely very worn RIGHT CV joint.
Clunk is from binding of the joint.

My 79 300SD had known torn CV boots. After dropping off a 3.06 ratio 210mm differential for a Wavetrac upgrade,
the clunk would get so bad that I had to exit the freeway multiple times.
On the vacant frontage roads I would drive in reverse multiple times to unbind the stuck CV joint(s).

One trick to get more life out of the CV joints is to switch them right for left.
Doing so allows the old joints to run in the opposite direction that is not as worn.

I may try this. I see no leaks from the CV joints but they do look like they must have been replaced at least once by now. Trouble is that I don't have the ability to DIY this job so I'll have to pay something to do it and I want to be sure that is the issue before I get it done