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WGB has a new Cellmate

Started by WGB, 15 March 2008, 08:09 AM


My wife's new ML 320CDI arrived home this week after a wait of many months .
Apparently Tuscalooosa shut down ML production for the whole of December which is why this one wasn't produced until January.

It doesn't have the off-road pro pack with air suspension that my ML 500 has but it has the same 19 inch wheels and it has the dark glass with laminated side front windows.
Here is the interior.

The difference in ride height between standard suspension and air suspension in Sport mode (Where mine spends most of its life) is readily visible. It was while I was taking the photograph I noticed why the rear looks different - apart from the ride height they have deleted the rear muflaps!!!!

Here is my car at full stretch on it's air suspension to show what it is capable of.The standard suspension is a very good compromise and both cars handle obscenely well given expectations after their first appearances.

I still like my V8 - heaps more than the diesel but then in life one must always pay for one's sins and the new diesel does the job really quite well.