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Gas prices

Started by 74450SEL, 05 January 2008, 08:25 PM


What are the gas prices down in the Land Down Under, now a days?  We Americans complain about our high prices, but I've been to Europe recently, we've nothing to complain about when it is over a Euro a litre, basically about $1.25 USD, or $4.30 USD a gallon with the conversion.  Let me know.


That  is definitely more than we are paying, but we are not real far behind.  They fluctuate here between 2.69 USD to 3.09 for our "regular" unleaded 87, but the 93 runs about 3.25 USD on average.  I usually run the 89 octane as a good middle.  My 450 won't run on the 87 at all.


I think you have the same petrol but use different ratings.

We have 91 Ron, 95 Ron and 98 Ron.

Don't you use the ROZ system which is lower so that your 87 is the same as our 91.

Most US cars have had lower compression engines for a long time as have Oz cars since 1976 so even the older "Leaded" ones will run on the 91 or 95 happily.

I have two Euro engines and they definitely like 98 - which is what they were designed for in the first place.

Of more concern is that more and more modern motors are coming out for 98 only. My ML500 has the last season 5 litre 3-valve V8 which runs on 95 but the latest model available since August 2008 will only run on 98 (although it will accept 95 with reduced power)

Apart from the extra expense, not every garage, particularly in the country, sells 98.



I filled up all my cars 2 days ago when it was $1.29 for ULP
I notice today it is $1.48 and diesel is $1.57


Still 50% cheaper than Turkey at $2.00, and by that time, it is likely to be $4.00 here ! Don't forget that most of Europe is already A$2.40/lt.