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1949 Beetle

Started by Des, 20 October 2007, 04:17 AM

Grant V

"You've bought another bloody car?!? We should have you committed!" he shrieked, storming out of the room


bloody awesome.

Love that colour - I do for some reason keep expecting to see nazi swastika's on it.


This has been advertised before. I suspect he will only get this sort of money in Germany, and being LHD, he should send it back there.The current price in Germany for a '49 - '53 beetle (export) is EUR 22,200 so a little more than he is asking.


are these Beetle's from this period in Germany very rare Craig?


Very ! Most of them rusted away, and not too many were exported - only to surrounding countries as Germany was still under US control at that point.


that is very nice Simple motoring, a beautiful thing