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18.8L of Justice!!

Started by nathan, 10 June 2008, 07:26 AM


so good things come to those who wait...the gwagen has always been very good to me, and this is long overdue.
i finally got the m117 5L v8 that will get the G moving quicker than a 200D!  ive been dealing with a fellow who had a 500sel for quite a few weeks, and finally today i got
the sms which indicated i was likely to win the bargaining war.

its a 1988 500sel (from where, who knows as they werent imported into Aus..)...its the m117985, the final form of this 5L block and the most powerful variant (exluding 560s which the mechanic said were not as reliable), some reportedly up to 195kW.  i plan (when i get some more cash and my wife isnt looking) to have the mechanic rebuild the engine and trans, and stick them into the G.  this .985 variant is the form that actually went into the first V8 gwagen, the limited edition 500ge of 1993 (i always though it was the m119 r129/w140 engine that was used but evidently not)...after i do this, it may even enable me to put bigger muds and lift the thing higher in preparation for armageddon!

anyhow, will send some better pics when the sun is out and i can clean it...anyhow, im stoked!!!
i might stick the electric seats into goldie 6.9...unfortunately it didnt have the external temp gauge though as i would have liked this in the 6.9...if the air intake (dual snorkel) doesnt fit under the gwagen hood (or if i use an external snorkel), i will put this into goldie

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Quote from: Patrick Bateman on 10 June 2008, 08:16 AM
shall we start the betting to see if this turns into a w126 restoration ;)

Holy crap!  I'm with you Pat.  Nathan, I thought you were after a rust bucket of a 500.  Not one that appears to be at home in the stable with mohican   :o  It looks too good. 

Well congrats anyway.  I'd go snorkel.  How else is 5L going to breathe when you take her swimming 8)  Are there "G" snorkels or do you have to grab something from a lesser 4wd like Landcruiser or Patrol ::)
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Wow, that appears quite impressive... was this the one that wasn't so good mechanically? The engine bay certainly looks neat, as does the rest of the car.

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Hi Nathan,
I'm with the rest of the guys, looks too good for a donor car. It would have to be a heartless
act to wreck the 126. Not unless you did it when you weren't looking.
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I hate to give into mob rule, but that 500 sure looks clean...then again who am I to say who can play Frakenstein.  :D
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even my mum said not to wreck it - and she's sick of me buying cars and leaving them at her place!!
in honesty, the car is maybe not as good as the pics make out and i got a good price.
as Tim pointed out, i was aware this cars transmission is the worst on any merc ive ever driven, it doesnt know where to go.  however, the engine sounds strong although because of the tranny cant translate it into tire shredding.  im almost tempted to buy another one which was cheaper just to wack its tranny on so i can drive it round until the registration runs out (or wife kills me, whichever first).
on the subject of the air intake, i only noted an interesting point last night...i didnt realise it came out on both sides at the front of the radiator...the snorkels really narrow down into 3x10cm slots to squeeze between the radiator and headlights...i wonder if this actually gives any more air than the single 8cm diameter snorkely of our 116s?
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Those big 126's are pretty nice cars and as far as I know the valve pack goes in the transmission long before the mechanicals let go so it might be more fixable than you think.



Mate, the 5L engine you're talking about (being the most powerfull) is this the Euro one that has the shorter stroke of any of the Merc V8's??  Someone was telling me about one of these the other day and now I'm on the prowl..  Actually the person who told me, co-incidentally was putting a 5.0L 117 into a was in the MB Spares workshop in canberra.  Sh!t you not!

John Hubertz

A truly fine 126 is too cheap to allow this one with the bad trans to go sentimental - and properly parted out you can probably realize a tasty chunk of change.

I've only seen dual intake snorkels on AMG modified cars - you need the history on this one - they were rare, but some enthusiasts had AMG mods done only on the engine - might explain the condition of the trans.

If it has cams as well - you've got a real winner.

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