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Just got home from the new movie "Chef".  Not surprisingly it is about a chef.  However, the main character drives a beautiful US spec w116.  You never see the model designation, but it is a lovely metallic green long wheelbase in great shape with bunt wheels and perfect black interior.  The movie is a complete chick-flick: divorced couple remarry to delight of cute 10 year old son etc.  However the car makes several appearances and maintains a stoic silence the whole time. One (three pointed) star.

Martin 280s:
In the recent Richard Gere film, Arbitrage, his 'bit on the side' drives a W116. Unfortunately, it is destroyed in a crash.

i was watching Munich with Eric Bana (australian croat!) last night and one of the guys who gets blown up has his family chauffeured around in a black 116...rocky IV and condorman from memory also had good 116 roles.

I've seen that Arbitrage and was pleasantly surprised when the W116 showed up. Shame it was wrecked but at least it got a nice prominent role.

I'm surprised I don't remember seeing one in Munich. That was a good flick.

In the Dirty Harry movie 'The Dead Pool' a silver W116 is blown to pieces by one of the little remote control cars with a bomb attached. I think that might have been the worst Dirty Harry movie of them all... They show a mint 450SEL and then it cuts to a gutted 280SEL for the explosion.

There's also a nice silver-green W116 in that 'Bend It' movie about 'Beckham', briefly.

I'll give this Chef movie a go.

The Showtime series "The Americans" has had a 116 in just about every episode.


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