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Good evening my fellow Americans. (Always wanted to say that)

I’m from Pittsburgh, PA and a new member of the Pittsburgh chapter of the MB owners club. I just bought a 1977 450 SEL which is at the Mercedes dealer getting a look over by a mechanic that goes crazy for the older cars. I also just picked up the last new 2019 GLS 550 they had, big discounts to be had. So far all that needs done on the 450 is timing and idle adjustments.

Interestingly a dude pulled in the service reception with a race fitted AMG beast and saw my car and had tons of questions. Interesting that somebody who probably gets a lot of questions about his machine found my 1977 450 SEL interesting. I put a photo of the AMG and my car in the breezeway along with some other photos of the 450.


Just bought my first W116, a 450 SEL in Byzantine Gold. I live in Los Angeles, California.


john erbe:
Vallejo, CA. '77 Black on black  6.9. Converted suspension. Recaro front seats and a Becker Grand Prix Radio.


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