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Checking in from Los Angeles, CA with a 1980 300SD. Very little surface rust leads me to believe it’s been a California car all its life but I just don’t know much about her history.

I’d be interested in a W116 meetup or just connecting with other members in the area. I’m specifically in the San Fernando Valley.

Steve in Newport Beach, Orange County, California USA

Auburn Hills, Michigan.  Bought my 1975 280s at a local auction 3 years ago for $600. 

p. rex:
Hello all,

My mistress and I reside in Austin, Texas.  She is much better looking than me -- a 1979 6.9 in 930 silver-blue over blue leather.  There are not so many 6.9 owners in Texas!  I have never seen another on the street.  Heck, W116's in general are pretty thin on the ground here.  You see a tired old 300SD occasionally and that's about it.


Harrison Twp, MI (suburbs of detroit)

looks like there are at least two other guys in Metro detroit....Maybe a spring ride?


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