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US Members: Check in!

Started by thysonsacclaim, 19 February 2011, 06:10 AM


As you may or may not know, the members of this forum come from a diverse background and reside in many countries around the world. We're really quite an eclectic bunch, but we share one common interest: our cars! As part of an effort to bring people together locally, I thought I'd like to make a thread for us in the US to check in, so to speak.

I noticed a lot of our Aussie friends seem to have a good bit of online and local, in person support for their fellow 116 enthusiasts. I'd like to try to replicate this great example of being helpful to not only those of us who live across the globe but also those who live in the same city or state. Even if you don't socialize or see one another in the real world, it could be beneficial to you to let others know where you live. There maybe local shops, garages or suppliers you do not know about, but that others who live near you do.

For some of you privacy may be an issue. However, when it comes to getting help for our cars, I cannot stress how important it is to know at least in what country you reside. The 116 chassis series was exported to many, many countries and there are some differences between them on the exterior and under the hood.

So, without further adieu I'd like:

1: all of you fellow 116 owners in the USA to please post here and state that you live in the US (city and state would be helpful, but not necessary).


2: Modify your profile to state the country (state, too, if willing!) you live in*

*You can do this by clicking Profile at the top nav bar, then clicking Forum Profile Information

I live in DeLand, Florida.

Thanks all


I live in the US of A - Houston, by god, Texas.
W. Brian Fogarty

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"Bond reflected that good Americans were fine people, and most of them seemed to come from Texas..." Casino Royale, Chapter V

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Neenah, WI. Home of Kleenex, Pierce Fire Trucks, and the Neenah Foundry (think municipal castings like sewer grates)


Marietta, GA.  Suburb of Atlanta - home to U.P.S., Coca-Cola, CNN, the Braves, Falcons, Hawks and Thrashers.


I'm in Knoxville TN I've had my 116 for 3 years and have only seen 1 other in town :(


Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota temporarily.  My 116 is waiting for me back home in Vermont.



What brought you to MN?  I went to college in Northfield just south of the cities.


Nice to meet all of you.

Ponton & Sblakely,

I also lived up there. In Pine City, MN and Cloverton, MN.



Did you grow up in MN or work?  Those are some pretty small towns.  Its amazing how small this world is becoming, hopefully I will have the pleasure of meeting you folks in person some day.


I did, yes.

I was actually born in Texas, but I lived in MN from age 7-13 and have a lot of family there in the areas I mentioned. I think the entire county of Pine County has only 25k or less people hahaha  :)

Some of my best memories of being a kid are of being up there and running around the woods, watching wildlife, driving on the ice, fishing and making snow houses that lasted for 4-6 months.  8)

I do miss the outdoors there, with the white birch trees, mountains of leaves in autumn and temperate spring. But.. it was no fun to be that far away from a city when we got snowed in (last time, it was for 1.5 months!). I would like to have a cabin up there eventually, though.



Hi all.  Maryville, TN here, just about 15 miles outside of Knoxville, TN.  My life work is Mercedes and other European marques.  Love to help out, and I always have odd ball stock piles of various W116, W108/109, and W111  parts lying around. 

Crs79 and WBrian63....we should get together.  I think it would be fun.  AARON
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1973 300sel 4.5,silver blue metallic/blue leather
1979 450sel 516 red/bamboo


UTn_boy, I was just through Maryville last week on my way to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge for a long weekend.  Maryville is deceptively large.  I'd love to come up and look through the stock piles.



I moved here in January hoping to find work using my fancy new B.S. in geology with one of the new mineral exploration companies on the north shore of lake superior.  Sadly they're not doing much hiring as of yet... I'll probably be moving again soon.  I also wanted to spend some time with my sister and her daughters, she's lived here since she went to college at St. Olaf. 

Did you go to Carleton or St. Olaf?  My sister was there in the late 90s



I am from Western Massachusetts. I think I'm the only W116 owner left in my area. You never see any W116's here.  But since I live in a college town, I do see tons of W123's and W126 diesels. The college crowd love those particular models for veggie conversions.