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The Org @ Irish Classic & Vintage Motor Show, Terenure 2019

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The annual show at Terenure is Ireland's biggest and by far the best classic car show, and a highlight of the year. This year the weather played along, and it was a scorcher of a day (by our standards...).

Every year the Irish chapter of MB Club UK has a stand there, and this year we've had the biggest one with 75 benzes, from W108s through two 600s and a ton of R107, to a more recent CLK63 AMG. We've also had four W116s on the stand, three of them from The Org, so we've been well represented too! There was another 6.9 in the non-club area. So in total five W116s in one place on a single day, in a country where less than 10 of them (that I know of) are road-going - I consider that a success :)

The Org was represented by Type17 (350SE), Mick74 (AMG 6.9) and myself (450SE).

Good show, boys!

That is great you get so many old MB there.
I really struggle with our club to get a turnout.

It was a great show, and it was a pleasure to meet ptashek and Type17 in person. Both cars are a tribute to you, gentlemen; outstanding condition and as close as makes no difference to how they would have looked when new. I was honoured to have my car in your company.
And I also enjoyed the encyclopedic knowledge of all things Mercedes and the W116 in particular. It was wonderful to see the attention and interest that the cars received from the general public, especially considering the draw of some of the more glamorous stablemates.

We may be small in number, but if enthusiasm and knowledge levels are anything to go by, Ireland will have a few W116's on the roads for a good few years yet.

I only arrived back from my European jaunt the previous day, and I'll post some photos and news about that in the coming days, once I get everything back on an even keel workwise. Wandering off for 4 weeks in a classic Benz has some consequences! I learned a lot about the car and am already planning work and improvements for next years expedition.
Some of the list of things to do:
1 Full new stainless steel exhaust.
2 Possibly ceramic coating the manifolds
3 Full mechanical check by a retired Mercedes technician whom I know for years and met at the show, admiring my car! This will include engine, transmission and differential (making a bit of a racket). Engine will have a full retune, new injectors etc and a service. I'm also considering improving the air intake by adding another trumpet to the air filter housing, like the 560SEL.
4 The LHS outer sill. Front and rear repaint.
5 New radio and speakers.
6 Improve the interior lighting.
7 Etc!
As of Sunday evening, there are 2 separate European trips in the pipeline for 2020.....  :D

A great day, and great to meet some fellow ORG members (some again, some for the first time).

Here's a quick video, to give an idea of the atmosphere - it's a secondary (high) school's playing fields, with about 1,200 vehicles and 10,000 people (spread over the day). Our W116's are in the centre of the shot at 0:06.


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