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South African 116'ers got together this saturday

Started by s class, 10 March 2007, 10:07 AM

s class

This morning I was graciously invited by Grant V in Pretoria, about 70 km north of my home, to visit and view his brown 6.9.  The added attraction of the visit is we were intending to set off together in search of a dismantled 6.9 reputed to be lying in a field about 45km away.  More about that in the 'shop' section.

Anyway, Grant, thank you so much for the invite.  It was the best Saturday morning I've had in a while.  Grant was gracious and allowed me to drive his 6.9, although he felt I wasn't heavy enough witht he right foot, it was a thrilling experience for me.  Your car is great, and will be even greater after all the improvements you are undertaking. 

THanks foir kindly showing me your assorted cars.  Many exciting and rare Mercedes!

Well here's a pic for you all :

PS I think the W140 is quicker but the 6.9 is all class and passion!

[color=blue]'76 6.9 Euro[/color], [color=red]'78 6.9 AMG[/color], '80 280SE, [color=brown]'74 350SE[/color], [color=black]'82 500SEL euro full hydro, '83 500SEL euro full hydro [/color], '81 500SL



my w116 as got the same colors, i enjoy it

what the powerful of the 6.9 in australia ?, 286 cv like in europe ?