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Title: Shire of Koorda Western Australia Car & Bike Show Saturday 5 September 2015 9:00
Post by: goldacre on 07 August 2015, 06:16 PM
Here comes another one! i love the season of Spring  8)

The Shire (and townsite) of Koorda is located 245klm from Perth so certainly a trip for those who want to blow out the cobwebs and premium fuel is available along the way (Toodyay, Northan, Goomalling, Dowerin and Koorda (Card with pin) and is about 44klm north of Wyalkatchem where RaceWars is held.

I know this location well  ;) so if heading up and want to catch up PM me and we can always arrange a BBQ and even accommodation no charge as have access to cool accommodation. The pub is tops and the IGA for the region is huge and open Saturday and Sunday so you wont be stuck. Not sure if the Drive In has a flick on but i know they have upgraded the projector to a fancy digital one and the last flick there they scored over 250 people; would be cool to see a W116 or two in the cars lined up  :)

This one i will be attending  8)

Car and bike display for vintage and modern vehicles,with muscle and performance and classic and is part of the Koorda Ag show and features all the fun of a show day with live music and fireworks. Where: Koorda Agricultural Showground, Scott Street, Koorda


PS the bloke who owns the classic Holdens is a top bloke to hang out with and has an awesome military museum and vintage car bits up on the walls. Also a few of the locals there are into remote control 'everything' so suspect they will have those on show and its not entirely a 'kids' activity, they have some kit which is beyond pocket money ranges.
Title: Re: Shire of Koorda Western Australia Car & Bike Show Saturday 5 September 2015 9:00
Post by: goldacre on 05 September 2015, 01:56 AM
WooHoo!  8) hi folks, had a great day here and presented my car where they had a few competitions going so went in under 'Best Original' among some really cool cars and WON! It was the first prize drawn and was provided by the Ag Society and Shannon's Tour Truck people. Got my photo taken in my Krusty the Clown T shirt  :-\ and the Shannon's guy said he was really impressed with the car  8)

Very Happy  :)

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Photos courtesy of Photobucket, God bless them  :-*