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Shannon’s online auction goodies


Wow, the first ordered A9X they say!

“Yes, indeed it could be Sir; that will be all the money in your wallet...”


The Ford Coupe is only a 302cu  ::)


I like to see what MBs float on the Shannons auctions, but have zero interest in any of this Aussie stuff.
its baffling to me how the Aussie stuff can reach such terrifying highs and some great MBs dont garner much attention.
id take a 560SL in mint shape over that every day (that would be a very high price for one!), or even an average 280sl pagoda.

Amen to the 560SL, those engine bays are a very tidy piece of art work. TJs old 560SEL was awesome but think it used oil so the nickasil liners most likely burnt out when overheated which is the common cause otherwise indestructible, almost.

Those old Aussie muscle cars take me back to my childhood but pretty basic compared to the then Japanese cars which had amazing things like overhead cam alloy heads, twin carbs and the big one, a 5 speed manual gearbox woohoo!

I actually owned a LX 4 door Torana 6 cylinder (worked) 1977 but has the ADR emissions system modelled on the USA California standard resulting in poor power and more fuel consumption, go figure  ::)

The previous LH is better.


I was lucky enough to buy the predecessor to the A9X...the L34. was still under warranty. !GMH could not sell them because the L34 option over the regular SLR5000 L31 was another 30%.
In many ways the L34 was  more desirable than the later A9X because it was fitted with  the homologated competition engine . "HZ block". Off the floor the A9Xwas fitted with  the regular 308 V8.
This L34 engine was a triumph...specifically built to meet the Regs of the day. The engine derived its heritage from the Repco F5000 racing motor. They only built a few hundred.....the introduction of wild flared guards..big air dam and boot
A real L34 fetches the same kind of money as an A9X.high hundreds of 1000's. I sold mine in 1979 for $ was mint. sigh?! :'(

Hi Randys01, I remember now, yes the L34 spec, rare as rocking horse pooh. All part of a motoring language that is getting lost in time for dinner side conversation where terms of ‘179’ ‘186’ simply said would start a long discussion on performance mods  8)

My old LX had a 173 with the famous crank, was the strongest apparently, had a 179 HP cylinder head, a 186 Sports distributor and a re jetted twin barrel stromberg off the 253 V8. Result? Could not get less than 13 litres per hundred if you were lucky and often overheated  :-\

My 450SEL gets around 13 litres/100 at best up to 17 litres/100 worse with AC on, power steering and all the other fruit, by chance even similar colour to my old Torana, as Nathan says, with the benifit of hindsight I will go The Merc  8)


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