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Shannons German Autofest - Canberra Oz

Started by oscar, 15 October 2006, 09:29 AM


Hi all,

There was over 300 cars according to my guestimate with benzes being the most abundant.  I think the VeeDubs put up a pretty good show with beetles and combi's galore.   8 W116 took part with 3 6.9's and I forgot what else.  I forgot to take notice of what was what.  There was a lot of chatting, too many photo ops and not enough time in the day IMO to take it all in.  I didn't even look at a single Beamer or Porsche.

My favourites were some of the 2 door pillarless merc coupes and cabs although I didn't get round to photographing everything I wanted to.  Take a look, the pick of my pics.

1973 350SE, my first & fave


Oscar: Thanks for sharing those pix!  Apart from the Benzes, it was good to see the Borgwards and the Goggomobil Dart - and that beautiful green-and-white Kombi with its split windscreens open.
[img width=340 height=138][/img]


When Styria asked me if I had heard of Borgwards I said I knew of Borgward-Werner gearboxes in Fords.  When we went and had a look I was struck how good they looked.  The single photo above does not do them justice.  They appear powerful from the front as if they want to leap forward like the typical Jaguar grill statue.  They're a nicely proportioned coupe.

There was also a Messerschmitt 3 wheeling car but such was my lack of ability to take notes on the day I don't have a record.

With W116's, the best was the 6.9 with the bonnet up in the first photo.  There's no detail pics but the anodised aluminium had barely a mark if any.    I couldn't see any usual faults such as scratches around the windscreen trim and wind deflectors from careless windscreen replacement. I didn't get to speak with the owner but hopefully will down the track.

Also worth noting is the champagne 6.3 with the bonnet up in the second pic.  If you had to look for a fault you'd be down to tiny paint blemishes in the engine bay.  The engine was dry and was in impeccable condition.  I can't remember what the interior of the car was like, they all seemed to blend in after a while.

I almost forgot, the low riding sel in the second pic drew some attention.  I had posted a pic earlier in another thread but this time saw it up close.  Although the pose changed during the day, I didn't get to see the custom air suspension in action.  I told Styria he needs a similar setup with his new 20"s  :D

1973 350SE, my first & fave

Brian Crump

Thanks for the GR8 photos. Despite the 450 being polished and ready to go (a new expansion tank at the last moment) the flue kept me at home and immobile. Sorry guys. 2007?


We missed you Brian.  I was looking up and down the line of 116's trying to spot yours.  With 8 on display, another 4 were in the wings in the carpark.

I was talking to Styria on the phone today and we both said how quick the day went.  We both spent very little time on the 116's and don't think I met any other 116 owners.  Once again we managed to somehow avoid poking, prodding and admiring each others cars up close.  Too many distractions.  As I said on the club forum, it was inspiring.  Certainly next year I'll aim to get the 350 in as a display.  Depending on work, I'm going to try for Vic, NSW and ACT attendances next year.  We'll see how events unfold.
1973 350SE, my first & fave


Thanks for the pictures oscar, great for us people that couldn't make it.


Hey Styria,

Whether it happens this year or next, a get together at the Temora Airshow would be great.  I've started another thread to throw the idea out there.  There's some distance involved but is anywhere bloody close in this country   :)
1973 350SE, my first & fave