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service manual transcription

Started by McNuggets, 30 August 2020, 05:57 PM


I'm thinking about updating some of the service manuals in the library section. This would be a very laborious process for me, but it isn't particularly difficult and would be better than drinking beer and watching TV instead ;D. Before I start in on this in earnest, has anyone bought a manual from MB, or from a website online like I cannot find any that have searchable text, bookmarks, or clickable links to the other sections. These are all features I enjoyed in .PDF textbooks in college, and now miss when reading scanned-image service manuals. Additionally, if anyone has a version of the M100 or W116 manuals with high resolution pictures (at least, compared to the current library versions) can you send them to me?

I have attached a short sample of the first three pages of the M100 mechanical manual, to compare our current library material to what I propose.


Quote from: McNuggets on 30 August 2020, 05:57 PMa version of the M100 or W116 manuals with high resolution pictures

I don't think one exists. All the original manuals from that era, images included, were stored on microfiche. The quality is generall poor by modern standards.
Even the official parts catalogue suffers from this.
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