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RIP WGB (26.10.2020), Dr William Babe. 
I only just heard the sad news of his passing.  Many of you are later comers and may not have had the fortune of receiving his wisdom, but WGB was instrumental in enhancing this site in the early days in particular.  'WGB' was a giant on the forum, check the top posters, he is number 5!
I had the fortune of meeting him after i got my first 6.9 in the early 2000s. 
WGB was a lifelong MB enthusiast, yet still kept his 6.9.  He bought this car off another early poster, AMG6.9.  He then set about transforming it and did a great amount of work.  He was a massive presence in the local medical community, yet he was extremely handy mechanically and his post on strut rebuilds stands out for 6.9 owners. 
A sad loss for his family, his patients, and mercedes enthusiasts. 
All I have is some pics of Bill with me in front of our gold 6.9 that became the silver 6.9 after a massive resto probably about 2007, along with our friend Chris who sold Bill his 6.9 when he moved interstate.
You can see Bills beloved silver 6.9 with the grill badge on it!
Vale Dr William Babe, you will be missed by many.

Sad news indeed.  I gleaned a lot of knowledge from his posts for sure.

Condolences to everyone affected.
I haven't met the man, but definitely read through his posts on this forum, and appreciate the contribution to keeping our cars going.

Those are sad news!
He might no longer be with us, but his contributions will remain in time thanks to our forum.  Specially each time we use one of his posts to diagnose/repair W116 problems thanks to his knowledge. That’s his legacy that will remain long time.

....also a big contributor over the years to the M100 forum........he joins Dr Arthur Love who passed away earlier this year. :'(


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