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RIP WGB - a forum giant

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Sad news, condolences to his family and friends.

yes terribly sad news, condolences to his family and friends.

his advice will pop up here no doubt on a regular basis helping new and older members, this forum is kind of an extended family for w116 enthusiasts, and we feel the loss when one leaves.

Hey Nathan and all. 

I don't check in much let alone post but I randomly logged on to show a friend some pics from yonks ago only to stumble across this sad news. He is one of a number of people on the Org I looked up to, learnt from and admired for their achievements.  Met him only once albeit briefly at a meet in Bowral NSW in 2007. He had the coolest name and the coolest number plate at one stage, BABE69 I think it was, bound to attract a few double-takes.  He told a funny story about it involving police I'm sure.

Not much else to say, only my regards to family and friends and others close to him. A forum giant is right on the money and in this realm was an inspiration to getting my hands 116 greasy in the first place.


Despite this sad news, it is wonderful to hear from you. I have often wondered what you were up to, I hope you are enjoying life and cars.
Bills service is this week, as a Kiwi, I think COVID has delayed the commemoration of his life as family fly west.
I too agree on the plate, very amusing. 

perhaps an update thread on what you have been up to. I would be interested!

regards from the West

Will do nathan, I'll pop something in the Lounge over the next couple of days.


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