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RIP WGB - a forum giant

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My condolences to his family and friends. RIP.

Very sad news. The W116 community gained a lot from Bill's posts. Thanks to this forum an important fragment of his knowledge will continue to live.

Squiggle Dog:
What sad news! I remember reading through his very helpful posts about when he did his suspension rebuild and learned a lot of about control and trailing arm bushings. I also sold him a factory service manual set. It goes to show that we never know how long we have to live, but the things we do while we're here live on afterward with the people who knew us.

Those were the glory days of the forum. Luckily all that valuable information is kept searchable/accessible. The days with straight technical answers to good questions. The days where genuine help was offered, and not just guesses lacking technical logic. The days of members posting for quality and helpful answers rather than just quantity of posts. The days where a thread remained on pure subject without « polluting » posts. The days of solving W116 problems collectively thanks to the contributions of the W116 community here.  True collaboration, in other words. The days when discussing the future financial $ value of our cars was irrelevant, as it should, in a WONDERFUL CAR that will never reach a decent return on investment considering all the costly expenses needed to keep them healthy.  Each of those old posts were rather fueled by passion for our W116s.  That was when you wouldn’t leave the forum frustrated and confused with the vague, useless and in many instances technically wrong answers.  Many, but not all, of those GREAT posts were Australian-sourced, like those from WGB.  To our fortune, again, we can still read them here. And those are certainly good news for a beautiful Sunday morning here.

Sorry to hear this news :/ take care Bill, your knowledge and personality was awesome, my Dad knew you well and will be waiting for you for a hearty chat :) you will be in great company, and always respected on the Org.



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