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Started by Brian Crump, 05 April 2007, 01:47 AM


Thank you gentlemen, I accept the the award for the cleanest bundt. Nathan should get the award for most original photo of the G's.



I think before I enter any online Concourse my car needs a trip to the bodyshop, over the last week I have managed to

-bend my drivers side bumperette
-bend and dent both front chrome wheel arms trims
-cut off pieces from my front panel with a grinder and flare them out with a crowbar.

Its been aboriginal bush mechanics at their best, or worst  :D  :D


Quote from: Patrick Bateman on 08 April 2007, 06:53 PM
Quote from: nathan on 05 April 2007, 07:51 AM
i wont lie BC, i think theres a little OCD in all of us!
to me, theres also something about those lovely merc 'metal' stickers like the boot ones and the fuel lid/tire pressure ones...

re lower pic, i keep the 116 clean...real clean!

Enjoy your boot sticker, but look after it too. They are NO LONGER AVAILABLE. :( Mine is missing  :'(

Absolutely, mines starting to curl up and throw in the towel.  What about the one in the fuel filler cap?  Mine's punctured.  Door jamb ones are good thankfully.

We need to take very clear photos of each one.  I'm sure we could get them printed up again by some other means than official channels.  Looking for a friend that's doing up a 70's suzuki bike, a complete 3rd party repro' decal set was available from more than one place, including metal type stickers.
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shite PB, i was unaware of that
i know the tire pressure one stuck on the B pillar is no longer available, and i dont believe the fuel filler cap is either...worst of all, the fuel emissions one in the engine bay is no longer available for the 6.9....
the hydraulic oil only one was no longer availabe about 4 years ago!!
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Is the tyre pressure one in the boot the same as the 126? It is a red metal sticker? I bought one last year for my 126!