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new french owner of a w116 280se

Started by regisw116, 19 March 2007, 05:06 PM



I am sure it won't be a big issue for Mitsubishi to re badge the Pajero under another name. It is done by most manufacturers in different markets.


Maybe they should just badge it "Mitsubishi Wanker" in Spanish speaking countries.  It's the same as calling it Pajero elsewhere, true?
1973 350SE, my first & fave


For that very reason its calle Shogun in UK Euro and US markets.
Rob. ::)


It is called the Montero in the US and Spain and Shogun in the UK only.

Gee you can access wikipedia to Michel wonders will never cease. :-\ :-\

Martin 280s

Quote from: robgee on 26 March 2007, 08:38 PM
James the Mitsubishi Pajero is never bought by Spanish folk or South Americans ever wondered why?

That's a bit of a fib, there's hunderds of them in Brazil. They seem as a bit of a status symbol!


Correct my if I'm wrong Martin but don't they speak Portugese in Brazil and not  Spanish as my second wife was from Peru i think that its a slang word in Spanish not so in Portugese and I will qualify this statement by saying South American Spanish as opposed to speech impediment afflicted Spanish in Spain (poor old King Philip and his lisp). :-X

Martin 280s

They/we do speak Portuguese in Brazil. It's the only Latin American country which does due to the Portuguese invasion in the being of the 16th century.


je suis content d'avoir trouvé ce site qui est réellement international pour les amateurs de w116 comme moi

i'm really happy to have find this group wich is really international for lovers of w116 like me

voulez vous des cours de français ?

would you want lessons of french ?

sweet dreams

Brian Crump

Quotevoulez vous des cours de français ?
Well I can speak a little and have studied in Paris but it is so easy to forget the language unless I use it constantly. Obviously, your English is good. It is better than my French  :-[
Are you a Stephanois? Is that the correct word?
The closest I have been to your area is when I spent 2 weeks in Haute Provence in 2005.


to brian crump: yes, i'm a stéphanois, it's correct! ;D