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new french owner of a w116 280se

Started by regisw116, 19 March 2007, 05:06 PM


hi everybody

i'm régis, french owner of a 1979 280 se, it drives with both fuel and gas ( GPL/LPG)

i works on w116 since ten years and i have another one in parts (  :() with tan leather ( but destroyed by rust).

i speak english quite well, maybe i could help some membres (?)

in fact, i'm happy to have find such a community on the net ( in france we have also a big one, but it's general)

how can i show you some images of my loved car ?



Brian Crump

Wecome Regis. France is a wonderful country. I go to Paris for my annual holidays and always enjoy it. In which part of France do you live?
Mforcer will show you how to post pictures (hopefully?) and we would love to see your car.


Hi regis,

Welcome aboard. For posting pictures, you can upload into the gallery here (  You can create a photo album in any one of those sub albums.  However, I think the gallery is still being updated.  We will be able to see your car in there but I'm  not too sure if you can post from gallery into a thread.

You can also join and upload to photo sites like imageshack and photobucket.  You might have to search for them to find their URL's

Does that all make sense  ???   It all gets a bit complicated but once you start playing around with them you'll get familiar with it.

Look forward to hearing more about your car.
1973 350SE, my first & fave


Hi Régis and welcome to the forum! We all hope you find this forum both helpful and fun!!

You should access the gallery ( (same link as at the top of each forum page) where, once logged in you will be able to upload any W116 photos to show off your car. You are able to create your own album if you have more than a few photos. We love photos! :)
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Bonjour Regis,

Welcome and please put your photos in the Gallery.



Hi Regis.

Welcome to the forum. Look forward to seeing pictures of your car.




Salut l'accueil de Regis nous regardons en avant à vos données Considère Robert.  :)


Sooooooo  ;D
Hello Régis.
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that has an GPL/LPG system installed in their 280SE  ;)
Hope we get to talk more about our "specials".

Have a nice day,

Andrew in Romania.

PS: Si tu veux, j'ai en cont de Yahoo Messenger. Nous pouvons parler en Français, Englaise ou Roumaine.  ;)


jesus, what a lingual group  :o. welcome Regis, good to have some Frenchmen aboard (since other French have switched models and disappeared ?)
regards from the north

Martin 280s

Boas vindas do Brasil Régis,
Please send pics of your car. I was once on the Eurostar on my way to Brussels and I distinctly remember the French countryside flash by, it was very pretty from what I could see at 300Km/h.

Is this a new poll coming up? What languages do we speak being mother tongue or second, third etc?


thank you everybody, you are a great enthusiast group! i can see that! :D

merci de ton accueil ami français!

so you can't post directly images on subjects if i understand

can i put a link to my favorite french mercedes community ?

thank you all !!!


Hey regis

Nice photos.  The red one looks like my 280S red colour.  Is the roof a darker colour or is it just how the photo appears?  A very clean and straight engine bay and interior.  What are your plans for the rusty silver one?  Thanks for sharing. :)
1973 350SE, my first & fave