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Mercedes-Benz events 2023

Started by Sensh, 06 September 2022, 06:31 AM


I am in the early stages of planning my "hall passes" for 2023, and I am interested in attending some Mercedes-Benz events in the EU.  Is anyone aware of a list, or does anyone have recommendations for good MB events in Europe?

I am in Spain, but it doesn't matter how close the events are, as long as I can drive there. 



These are a few must-visit events/sites in Europe.  There are hundreds more, this is just a start. Others will certainly add to the list.

MB Museum Stuttgart
Motor World
Classic center Fellbach
Paris retromobile
Lamans classic
Mille Miglia
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kennel were good, the classic centre is ok, not sure if amg does tours (I was lucky to get one a while ago).

the penultimate after stuttgart and museum, is the Nurburgring.  just go down there as a tourist for a day and drive to a few of the viewing places and park up. its awesome, anything and everything.  then go to the entry, you can pay for a ring taxi or if lucky, politely ask someone if you can ride with them which ive done. one German block kindly did a few laps in his amg gt with me. just a polite request and he was like "OK"!

not sure if Frankfurt motor show is next year, this is when I went in 2013

I agree with Sevilla about the Essen motor show, im aiming to go next year in April. its on my list!
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