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Mercedes-Benz events 2023

Started by Sensh, 06 September 2022, 06:31 AM


I am in the early stages of planning my "hall passes" for 2023, and I am interested in attending some Mercedes-Benz events in the EU.  Is anyone aware of a list, or does anyone have recommendations for good MB events in Europe?

I am in Spain, but it doesn't matter how close the events are, as long as I can drive there. 



These are a few must-visit events/sites in Europe.  There are hundreds more, this is just a start. Others will certainly add to the list.

MB Museum Stuttgart
Motor World
Classic center Fellbach
Paris retromobile
Lamans classic
Mille Miglia


kennel were good, the classic centre is ok, not sure if amg does tours (I was lucky to get one a while ago).

the penultimate after stuttgart and museum, is the Nurburgring.  just go down there as a tourist for a day and drive to a few of the viewing places and park up. its awesome, anything and everything.  then go to the entry, you can pay for a ring taxi or if lucky, politely ask someone if you can ride with them which ive done. one German block kindly did a few laps in his amg gt with me. just a polite request and he was like "OK"!

not sure if Frankfurt motor show is next year, this is when I went in 2013

I agree with Sevilla about the Essen motor show, im aiming to go next year in April. its on my list!
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