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I am alive and still interested in W116's - Photobucket advice requested.

Started by WGB, 25 December 2017, 04:10 AM


Hi guys,

For the past 5 1/2 years I have been busy
1) My wife died.
2) I became the boss of a large worldwide social organisation which has had me travelling all over the world.
3) I have re-married - and new wife meant a major decrease in shed time.
4) Life and marriage are now maturing and I expect to be returning to my old hobbies.
5) I am appalled to see what photobucket have done to all our photos but all of mine are still onsite and should be available if I give them some money.
6) I am quite happy to pay them $100 per year to make my photos available if that is sufficient to allow access to this site but not $399.

The website is unclear if the $100 fee will resurrect the photos - does anyone know?


s class

Hi Bill, good to see you back here again.  Sorry, but I don't have answers to your photobucket questions.

I'm glad to hear the 116 passion still burns.

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Welcome back  :)

Sorry about 1, but at least 2 & 3 happened, and 4 is now occurring.

5. PB have destroyed any business model they might have had, through damage to their reputation - the millions of dead placeholders left forever on forums throughout the world, not to mention looking like extortionists with their massive, no-warning price increases.
If you run the Chrome browser on your PC or Mac, and install a plugin called photobucket embed fix, it allows all of the dead placeholders (on all sites that you visit) to display their intended contents. It won't make your images appear for everyone else (unless they happen to be using the plugin themselves), but it makes all PB images (yours and others') appear where they should.

6. $100 will not get your photos shown to the world again, it will only get you more storage space and monthly bandwidth. To get things the way that they were, you'd need to give them $400 a year, every year - yeah, right...
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Thanks for that - I had the feeling that US$100 wasn't going to cut it.
I still have all my photos and may transfer them to somewhere else.
Is it possible to upload them to this site at all or is 3rd party hosting still required?



Welcome back, Bill. It's good to hear that you are feeling positive enough to come back to your hobbies. It's incredible how this community continues to flourish.

Archiving on the web is a major issue that won't be solved any time soon. I suggest you offload the pics as soon as possible and transfer somewhere else. The old links might die but at least you can save the pics.


If you  add the chrome extension it seems most images reappear.

other than that for total posterity, go back to all your original posts and upload the photos to this site.

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I have transferred 850 or so old pics to and resurrected an old posting - it seems to work.



Great you're back!!!!! How's that modern  s class you bought a few years back?
Have you a list of to dos on the 6.9?


Hello Bill

good to see you back in action after so long. yes in this world you get some curve balls from time to time but thats life.

you have a bit of catching up to do.

how did you end up with the blue car that was waiting to be painted by the "son in law" to be.?

are you still driving the 6.9?

Anyway regards and happy new year

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I was wondering what was going on with all the images!

Imgur or Flickr work well for housing most pictures and albums. I really wish I could see the old photos. I'm running Firefox and I'll see if greasemonkey or tampermonkey has an extension. I'd rather not have to run Chrome.

Also, OP - seems like things are working out well for you recently. Look forward to having you on the board more!
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Summary: We're under new management, and we realise that the last guys nearly killed PB off with the no-warning $400 ransom nonsense, so we're lowering the annual fee to $19.95 (still no third-party hosting with the free accounts - you'll still need to pay the $19.95 every year to have what was free (but probable unsustainable) before).
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I have paid Photobucket their AUD29.95 and all my old photos should reappear.
I have serviced my 6.9 but when time permits I will probably change the spheres.
Who sells them at a respectable price in Oz these days.

TJ 450

Hi Bill,

Welcome back,

I think a lot of people will be having the same question about spheres going forward, particularly now that MB Spares have called it quits. In Perth, I would try Lintrex out at Welshpool. As they are used to dealing with professionals, it's best to go there in person rather than calling them up for quotes as quite often they won't call back (that's Aussie service for you).

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