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Started by macatron, 29 December 2006, 07:00 PM

s class

I favour F,G or H which are similar, but I thinik the line diagram in H is too detailed.  S and T are also attractive.  As far as copyright goes, I agree we should leave out any MB naming, but the star in itself - would that not fall in the same category?


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I think everyone involved has put in a massive effort to design and refine these badges, I would be proud to place any of these on the front of my car.

The only problem I see is that its like asking 200 people what you want to eat at a party, chicken wings? pizza? sausages? party pies etc.. A common consensus can be almost imposable to achieve.

I think it will be hard for everyone to agree on a design without offending someone who put a lot of work into their creation.


It's all done and dusted.  Voting is now open.  Click on the two links below to cast your vote. Cheers!!

Grill Badge Design (,1235.0.html)
Grill Badge Wording (
1973 350SE, my first & fave

James R


Thank you very much indeed. Nicely done. Well played. Loved the Eddie Izzard clip too !

All the best,

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Sorry guys... wasn't arround...
:( Sadly, last week was a nightmare for me... 2 funerals... in 4 days. an uncle and a grandma'
That's what kept me from answering... I'm quite... f***ed up right now so...
The badge collection shows how much work everyone put in.  :)
No more surprises for me... maybe just vote for what there is.When you'll decide, I'll give you the Corel file needed for printing made upon what you choose...

Thanks for understanding, and sorry once again for my absence lately...

Andrew in Crappy Romania.


Andrew, so sorry to hear the news.  I was happy to see you make a post again thinking you've been swamped with work or on holidays, certainly didn't expect to hear of your family's losses.

All the best buddy, to you and your family.
1973 350SE, my first & fave


Thanks all for your support...
I a appreciate it. Hope I'll soon get over it and go on with my life... and contribute to the forum as we all do..
Off topic: a couple of weeks ago I became a member of the forum... is mercedes forum in Romania... I proposed and allready gathered 10 people to a benz meeting next weekend.  ;D That cheers me up a bit... we'll have A, C, E, S class and a Vito and Smart also...
I hope I'll get some pics...

See ya soon... Andrew in Bed  ;)


I've voted (after reading all 11 pages of discussion!) and am putting my hand up for one.
[img width=340 height=138][/img]


Mforcer said he was going to send an email to all members??