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Started by macatron, 29 December 2006, 07:00 PM


Are the shirts available those from the Johnny Bobbin link still?  Any idea for a price on say a one-off polo shirt or simple tee with a pic supplied like your slc (nice car btw)  8).  PM me if you like or post, a guesstimate is fine.  I might work on something and email it to you but it wont be in the next few days, possibly a week or two.  Also what format or resolution pic do you need. eg tiff, jpeg, raw. what size pixels, mb.
Cheers, simon.
1973 350SE, my first & fave


Andrew, I tried Photoshop and gave up.  I ended up using real scissors and pencil and paper.  So don't laugh you lot but think positive and squint if you have to but what do you think?  It's just a bunch of ideas thrown in one and may be too busy with detail.  Speak your minds.

1973 350SE, my first & fave


I'll try to replicate this at a higher quality... it's a great ideea and I didn't laugh because I used to do so also.  ;)
I'll reply later with a pic.

See you soon, Andrew


Nice job!  Once an enamel (?) version of the car is used instead then I guess we're all set. 


Yes, enamel car and and don't forget to replace the oscarsans bold font with something more appropriate. :D

There's a couple of other issues some of which may sound pedantic but worth considering before a final form is decided upon.

Above all - Attn admin!! Can be used?

Secondly - the pedantic part, LHD or RHD or Euro or US or SE or SEL ???  I know, but my thoughts were that the final version if a similar pose is used that the car take on a non-descript appearance with regards to the above.  Short v Long wheel base wont matter, but without trying, the pic I used after converting to grayscale and posterizing ended up almost hiding the bumpers and wipers to the point where it's hard to tell it's anything other than a w116.

Thirdly - colours.  I'm thinking silver like Des said as a base and silver letters and lines, blue background for the text, maybe or maybe not dimples around the star and car and silver in colour.  What colour for the star and car?  I think they'd have to be different.  It would be good to match the car with your own colour  8)   Maybe the background to the star could be red.

Lastly - there's obviously no room for screw holes so the screws would have to be soldered to the rear.  Speaking of room, I have my doubts whether a real version could accomodate that many letters and words around the outside.  The oscarsans font I used is very forgiving, but I could be wrong, it may just fit.
1973 350SE, my first & fave

s class


I like the idea very much. 

Colours : I feel we must stick to the traditional blue, silver, white.  No red

Lettering : I think you are right that those are too many letters to be readable.  One way to cut back is to avoid duplicating the 116 reference top and bottom.  possible suggestion :

bottom : W116.ORG

I really like the laurels.  They must stay. 

If you do use a car image, I wouldn't worry about the LHD/RHD thing.  At the size of the badge and limited colours range it probably won't be visible anyway.  The same might hold for bumpers as well, but I vote foe Euro bumpers since I think its what most of us have, and they are generally (though not universally) preferred. 


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Quote from: s class on 11 January 2007, 09:44 AM
I vote foe Euro bumpers since I think its what most of us have, and they are generally (though not universally) preferred. 

Euro bumpers are a must...higher compression isn't the only reason the only 116s I've bought have been Euro.

s class

What about a golf shirt (dark blue) with this embroidered in silvery white across the back - quite big, so that the letters are about the same size as on our cars?

Best I could do with MSWord, you get the idea.  To get the font really cood, the 6 could be traced from a 6.9 badge.  I have seen some W123 300D's sold in the US had a bootlid badge "TURBODIESEL" in the correct 70's Benz font.  That could give us the R and the O.  The G could probably come from a 70's Gelandenwagen badge.  The W and the 1's I dunno about - we'd have to take a best guess.


[color=blue]'76 6.9 Euro[/color], [color=red]'78 6.9 AMG[/color], '80 280SE, [color=brown]'74 350SE[/color], [color=black]'82 500SEL euro full hydro, '83 500SEL euro full hydro [/color], '81 500SL


Finally I finalized something... regarding your proposals I came up with this...
The dimensions and colours can be changed, the text and inside pic also...
Waiting for your opinion on this...  ;D


That's pretty slick, Andrew...I like it!

Pardon what's probably an American figure of speech...slick in this case being synonymous with nice/cool/groovy, etc.


Me too, I like it.  You've done very well Andrew. I like the car's pose too.

When the car is converted to a line drawing, of all the details that are lost, I wondered how bundts would compare to hubcaps.  But when you look at the forum's official logo at the top of the page, after all this time I've only just noticed this detail is avoided all together. Hmm.  The gullwing badge on the other page has hubcaps obviously but also captures the perforations around the edge of the hubcap.  So maybe bundts would be representable.  I like hubcaps but have no preferences for the badge. Your leaves are fantastic Andrew.  I think there's a consensus on making it as close as possible to what an official badge would look like.  These leaves are spot on.
1973 350SE, my first & fave

James R

Count me in. As I'm new here, I'll go with whatever the people who have been here longer go with. Looks really good, Andrew. Hope someone is OK to ship to England. I'm happy to pay charge.

1978 450SEL 6.9 - GONE!

1979 450SEL - GONE!


Oh man, I started a topic and someone else finishes!  Well all, I am not a graphic designer and learned I have really no intrinsic talent as such but I would like to show everyone what I finally came up with after downloading a trial copy of Photoshop and teaching myself to use it.

Just one thing: I can't convert the file from a .psd to a .jpg and I can't figure out how to upload it!  Help!


Up in the menu U have the option "Layers". Click it and then it the submenu you'll find "Flatten image". Click on that and you'll be able to save the file as jpeg because all your layers will combine as a hole picture.
Hope that helps...

And thanks for the appreciation, all of you.  ;) I'm glad you liked it.
There is still a lot of improvment that can be done...

Andrew in Romania


Andrew that is really nice, I would buy one

I don't think anyone has mentioned if even $1 goes to support the website with the sale of the badges,

Even if I never fitted the badge to my car, (which I will) I would still like to buy one just so it helps the forum out a little.

Thoughts on this?