Funny pithy witty and sometimes silly forum signatures

Started by Ferryman, 15 April 2004, 03:18 AM


Hi All,

Being a bit of a car nut I have the occasion to cruise quite a number of various forums in the pursuit of knowledge.

One thing is common to most of the sites I haunt and that is that some people put quite a lot of thought into their signatures.

I thought I'd start a list with acknowldgements of some of the better ones I've found. I'd like you guys out there to add signatures that have amused you. Please all signatures mut have the site and owner ID to be fair to those who originally thunk it up. :)

I'll start with the two I usually use on various sites and will add to the list as I verify ownership of the ones I have seen

" Fun costs money, how hard do ya wanna laugh?"

" Rednecks dont write history, We make history happen!"

Those are both mine,the following I found on the Stovebolt site
" Life aint like a box of chocolates, its more like a pound of Jalapeno's, What you do today will burn your arse tomorrow..."

Let see what you guys have got?  :wink:


My indefinite answer to certain things:

No, it is not a fact because a fact cannot be proven to be one without a fact, therefore it is not.


-- Mike G.