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FINAL POLL: Grill Badge

Started by oscar, 27 February 2007, 04:12 PM

Pick One Only

7 (31.8%)
1 (4.5%)
14 (63.6%)

Total Members Voted: 15

Voting closed: 05 March 2007, 04:12 PM


Well done everyone and especially Oscar! The badge is going to be fantastic!
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Guys, dont forget Andrew116 too.  I'd like to mention him especially as most of the badges are basically his creations, some were untouched and the rest were the result of me discovering what photoshop could do to them.  But thanks to everyones kind words in this and the other threads.

Unfortunately I can't link the gallery photo as I can't generate code however, anyone will be able to see the badge at this link:

Still looks a bit rough but you get the idea.  NB, the dot between the w116 and ORG should be centred.

So what now?
Stay tuned whilst we set the wheels in motion for the next step. Cheers.
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Thanks to all concerned for all the hard work.




Had another play with the image to fix little errors and omissions.   The only changes are the dot between the w116 and org, plus borders around the blue border and star and bigger screws.  It's not the final precise artwork that will be submitted but it's yet again a bit more representative of the finished product.
Can't upload to gallery otherwise I would've edited my last post, so here's an imageshack link. Click for bigger image.

Compare the older one

Here's gallery link, can't show it directly sorry
1973 350SE, my first & fave

James R

How about using Ebay to collect the orders from us all once price has been confirmed with the supplier ? If you ran that Oscar, I personally would have no trouble in paying in advance.

Thanks to everyone for this by the way.  I might have a 6.9 by the weekend and a badge will look really smart on it.


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Hi James,

Your last statement is what got my attention ;D ;D

Hi all, an UPDATE!!
SIZE ???  3 inches is maximum but assuming the badge will be more secure between metal horizontal grill moulds, that measurement is 2" 3/8ths.
What's people's thoughts on that??  See pics below for examples.  You may also notice the screw positions seem to land squarely on the grill insert horizontal.  Gee, talk about smooth sailing. So 3" or 2"3/8ths, there may be overlapping on to the metal moulding afterall so screws fit in between the grill.
What's it to be, 3" or 2"3/8ths?  No polls. ;)  Take a ruler to your grills gentlemen.

Here's the latest.  Sent an updated email to , with the above design.  As I said, as good as it looks, it needs to be finalised by an artist to be able to fed into their computerised pattern cutter.  The labour involved is included in the $100US mould making price so we may not have to hassle Andrew116 to convert the badge to the specific file format.  All that is needed is a high res jpeg which they have now.

As far as payments are concerned, it is likely now that Mforcer will take over which I'm very comfortable with.  I'll leave it to him to comment on the how and when but I'd imagine paypal for those outside Australia and maybe bank transfer within Aus.  I've noticed the minimum order has changed now as of 1st March to a minimum of 40 units.  That's a bummer but achievable in my opinion.

4 weeks it takes to make the original master which I'm sure everyone will be waiting with baited breath to see.  Assuming all dues are paid and ready to go, it's another 4 weeks for delivery.  I can't wait ;)  As a teaser to the quality of the workmanship here's an example of what has been done by AB

The difference between 3" and 2"&3/8ths

A roughly 2"3/8ths km milestone badge thanks to JohnJ.

Relative 3" size

Relative difference between size

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Here is a badge that is 73 mm (2.874 015 748 inch) diameter, with a single, centred fixing screw.

Note that because the screw is centred, and there are four segments of grille grid between horizontal bars, that the badge sits slightly below the centre point between the bars - not ideal. The top of the badge is still kept off the grill grid - just - but the eccentricity relative to the horizontals is not aesthetically pleasing.

If we go for a badge that sits on the horizontals rather than on the grille grid itself, the fixing screw/s would need to be above or below the badge centre line.

I care less whether the badge sits on the grid or on the horizontals - as long as it sits better than the pictured example; otherwise I have no preference for one size over another.

Apologies for the grubby photo - I went out in the rain at 1:30 a.m. to snap it.

[img width=340 height=138][url=""][/url][/img]


If you want the smaller badge to work you will have to position the holes in the same place as the one on the high mileage badge I posted in the "grill badge construction" thread.

I think a few of the members will buy more than one badge, so I would'nt worry about the 40 min.


How's this for a compromise, extended laurel with screwholes lowered a little to fit in between grill grid. 
Old on the left, new on the right, both are clickable for bigger images.

Bigger 3" or smaller 2"3/8ths, the screws will fit.
Look at the big and small badge on the right side, forget the other two on the left, I couldn't delete them.

As for the big or small debate, here's another example.  I can't make my mind up.  Big badge looks good but it may be too big.  I don't want a pizza plate stuck to my grill ::) Exaggeration I know.  The small one seems much smaller but will fit in between the aluminium strips hence wont mark them.  I got new strips see, so I'm thinking about this aspect.  Like I said, take a metal rule out to your car and measure 3" and 2"3/8ths and keep letting me know.  I'll make scale cutouts and try them tomorrow.

I think we can say the screw hole location has been sorted now.

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Why can't the small badge have a single hidden fixing screw in the middle?

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I've heard back from Arnie Brown ;D
No problems with reproducing our badge in all respects, and in short here's what will be done :
Mike will most likely plate the brass with 22 karat gold and then use a clear coat of epoxy to make it impervious to the elements.

Man this badge is going to look good!!! ;D

Quote from: koan on 07 March 2007, 03:58 PM
Why can't the small badge have a single hidden fixing screw in the middle?

It's ability to rotate would be my bugbear plus it would only be soldered on.  There's been no real objection to two countersunk holes apart from my concerns raised in greg's thread on badge construction .  Personally I'm starting to warm to the idea of the countersunk holes which wont be an issue during manufacture according to AB.

Anymore thoughts on the 3" v's 2"3/8ths issue.  May have to let Mforcer decide.
I printed up two sized badges on cardstock matching the dimensions talked about and tried them on the 280S with blutac.

The 3" isn't as oversize as what I thought it would be.  It's more legible too.  I think foam tape applied to the top and bottom will protect the aluminium strips.

1973 350SE, my first & fave


Well, after seeing those examples, the larger size is my preference, because it would better complement my other badge (appears to be exactly the same size).  However, I'll settle for whatever's chosen by the final arbiter.

As to the screws (single centred, or double) - again I have no preference, but I must say that in the three years that red badge has been on my 116, it has never budged in any direction, including rotation.
[img width=340 height=138][url=""][/url][/img]


Oscar, I also think that the bigger badge might look better, but lets see what the others want. Maybe another poll?

s class

Oh come on guys, not another poll? 

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