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ebay international search results lock?


Hi guys,

Since 2 days I have been unable to click on any ebay adverts on the European servers. like .de and
Now it seems .com is showing the same issue.
This feels like a continental-regional or local server issue.
Is anyone having problems clicking on ads on foreign ebay sites?

I now have everything searched via the Tor browser, and that still works. But, Chrome, Edge and IE will not function.

Got an example search I can test Stan?


have you recently installed the tor browser? did these events coinside?

i have a VPN installed and since installation,  some websites will now only open if i use it, eBay is fine but amazon mubi etc will not open
its like they are trying to work out where i am, before opening the relevant page.


I have no problems using or

Thanks, it's back to normal. 48 hours of blockade, though. 24 hours with ONLY access to the .com variations, like, but the second day a complete loss of access. All browsers like Chrome, IE and Edge the same issues. No clickability anywhere, just perfect ebay result pages where each click tells you "we've looked everywhere" as in: doesn't exist no more.
Moved all my traffic to the TOR bowser and tadaaaa! Full access. Long live TOR.
That proves to me that this is an IP/server blockade of some sorts, but by whom?
I then bid on an other wise non-clickable article in germany via TOR, went back to ebay-Chrome, just to find I eBay telling me I had bid on a non-existant item--still on auction.
Ebay tells me they have no idea what happened and all is back to normal now.

Looked like a Chinese firewall exercise to me. Too weird.


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