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Calling Sydney classic Benz owners 15th April

Started by irvine, 01 April 2018, 07:48 PM


Hey everyone, there's a great classic car get together on the 15th of April in north Sydney, I regularly attend and it's good fun sadly I'm the only W116 that attends.
I know there's a few Sydney owners so it'd be cool if you guys attended and show off, As it's always just me and my mates w115 representing the classic mercs.

It's run by the "Sydney machina social club" only $5 to pre book or $10 at the gate 100% goes to charity.
((I have no affiliation to them, just want to see more mercs))
You can look them up on facebook and instagram for more details.



To all the down under MB owners the next time you have a get together get in touch with Fletch from the TV show classic restos and see if he will come and cover it. I would love to see more of your cars. Seems the show films from Australia so I imagine it shouldn't be too difficult.Just an idea.


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