Author Topic: Attention Nathan - VIN no of wrecked 6.9  (Read 1146 times)


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Attention Nathan - VIN no of wrecked 6.9
« on: 01 January 2009, 04:57 AM »
Lukas reported on the other site that he had purchased the hydraulic parts off a wrecked 6.9

Apparently it was an imported UK Euro and the VIN was 11603622001911.

Here is the thread that discusses the bits if you are interested - Link

I will have  look on the M-100 register and see if it appears there.



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Re: Attention Nathan - VIN no of wrecked 6.9
« Reply #1 on: 02 January 2009, 06:20 AM »
Hi Bill,
thanks for the heads im not registered on TK i dont think i can post but please forward gratitude onto Lukas (PM - i cant get his email!, or on the board) my gratitude for his advisement of the three VINs.  I had Lukas' two 6.9s on the register, as well as the wreck...i had the following details re the donor car he got these bits off
VIN#1911 eng#1999 plate 347FWD Registration Jul-80 ext Blue Int bamboo velour Location Southport, QLD   116.911miles as at   28/11/8   $4,000 asking on ebay    

Please extend my offer to check details of the register for any m-100 fan...whilst i dont publicise all details (as i have contact details for most cars, and im sure many dont appreciate this info being made public) - i will happily advise on info about cars, locations, past sale history and so on...i collect this info not only for my own interest and OCD satisfaction, but also for the knowledge of our community.

the register is quite inaccurate for australian cars.  once upon a time i emailed the fellow my list of aussie cars but VINs seems to be wrong for a great number of them.  i think one of our fellow members is listed as the owner of my mohican (#6436) and not me for example. 

6.9 79 #6436
6.9 79 #6290
6.9 79 #6181
6.9 78 #4764
6.9 77 #3096
6.9 76 #1741
6.9 76 #0902
6.9 75 #0018