Author Topic: Any Brisbane/Gold Coast W116 Owners want to bring your Car to Canungra for Day?  (Read 874 times)


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Hey Folks .If there are any W116 Owner that would like to have a day up at Canungra for a Fun Day they should let me know.We could host a day here  up in the hills.Open to all suggestions. maybe we could all meet in Town. take a short drive 9 klms out o O'Rielly's Winery  for a spin. even maybe organise a bring ya own Barbi-Q, With the winter nearly over and the good weather ahead Would be great to get a few W116's together for a day of Fun.
Any one interested ( numbers dont really matter , but more the merrier dont you reckon) should contact me and we can organise something.
Contact Details : Walt Russell : Ph 07 55435737
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 Let see what we can get happening hey!
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