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50 year Anniversary Photoshoot MB Head office Melbourne

Started by mrkozzy, 24 November 2022, 03:55 AM


Hot off the press, late notice. (I just found out)

w116 gathering at the MB headquarters 44 Lexia Place Mulgrave this Sunday "10am" for a 50 year anniversary photo shoot and a 1 hour drive into the mountains, to Cardinia reservoir, then returning to the Mulgrave country club for lunch..

If you need more info contact me or check out the MB club Victoria website under "events".

MB 50.jpg


Holy Smoking Ozone Layer Batman!

Can't wait for the photos already  8)

Hope Vic weather is kind to you and you all have a great event and an awesome rollcall  8)

12/1979 450 SEL 148K on clock (museum piece)
12/1986 Lotus Esprit Turbo 87K on clock 'Darling, look what Q has brought for us, isn't it nice' :)


Uploading a few of my amateur pictures from what was a fantastically successful day.
Numbers increased steadily throughout the morning and I'd say the final count was around 45+ 116's on the day.
All I know is the convoy stretched for a long long way!!
I expect the MBC Victoria will have the official photos uploaded soon.

50th cake.jpg

IMG_20221128_000523.jpgIMG20221127104333.jpgIMG20221127104656.jpgIMG20221127104714.jpgIMG20221127110643.jpgScreenshot 2022-11-28 221148.jpgScreenshot 2022-11-28 221225.jpg     



What a turnout, wow!
How many new recruits for the org can we anticipate?  ;D
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A fabulous looking day. It's a pitty I couldn't get across Bass Strait for the occasion. Thanks for all the pictures. Great turn out of cars. Well done Melbourne.
1978 280SE Cream with blue interior. With SLS


Fantastic! That has to be the W116.Org record!

Suitably impressed indeed  8)

12/1979 450 SEL 148K on clock (museum piece)
12/1986 Lotus Esprit Turbo 87K on clock 'Darling, look what Q has brought for us, isn't it nice' :)


I wished I could have partecipated  :'(
In Germany, the native land of the W116, you hardly see them on mixed meetings at all (except MB meetings).
The color diversity alone is thrilling. When I take a look at the parking lot across the street from my office window I count five red cars among appr. 100, the others being white, black and all tones between silver and dark grey.


1976 Merc 6.9   Magnetit blue


fantastic effort and agreed, the colour palette is great!
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Fantastic display-surely the largest collection of W116 known.   Did anyone record on Video -that would be nice to see.
Congratulations to the organisers
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some pics as the convoy departed from the MB start point.