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Yet another steering wheel
« on: 14 January 2007, 11:45 PM »
I regard it as my first mod to go on my 6.9.  I may end up buying a 6.9 piece by piece so this is the start of it.  Got it off ebay in Japan.  I would've told you all about it but I didn't want the competition. Y'all understand. ;)

It'll get a start and try out on the 350 first.  But it wont stay on there.  I like my wooden italvolanti and this leather one with burl centre suits a burl interior.  ie my imaginary 6.9.

I also love the feel of a soft leather wheel.  A couple of years ago I had a 123 wheel who's grip was good but was loose and twisted on the wheel.   I had to splice the grip and reglue it with liquid nails.  I bound the thing together with twine, bought two black doe hides from the UK, cut the twine and went to work recovering in leather.  Very amateur, it took 3 days of snipping, trimming, pricking of fingers and finally the last stitch went in.  I even tried to put perforations on the sides using a rotary cutting wheel from my wifes sewing kit, but that was a bad idea.

Whilst not pretty, the effect of the thicker, softer wheel, and the smell of the leather was terrific. I used this wheel for over a year on the 350 before I went wooden.  I may be able to pick it apart later and try and form a smoother pattern and try again.

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