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Yet another new member from glorious sunny England(!)

Started by SteamWorks, 17 February 2012, 08:38 AM


Well, I took the plunge after many months of hunting and bought myself a rather nice 450 SEL and I am so glad that I did!  I have been a 126 fan for many years and in fact still own a very low mileage (40,000) 87 420sel and until very recently a 89 300 SE (sold to buy the 116...) but there was always something about the lines of the 116 that always made me wonder.. 

I think I have been very lucky with this car as it is totally rust free (remember this is England..), lovely paint and the underside is as good as the top.  The chrome?  Excellent all round albeit the anodised trim needs sorting out as per normal... Interior is blue and blue and more blue and will need a bit of tidying up but otherwise good.  Door seals need changing but no biggy and the drive train is excellent so no real complaints on the whole.  The only down side is that I have been using every excuse whatsoever to drive it which has cost me in petrol  :o!

For those of you who are bored then please take a look at my album in the Showroom -

Since these photos were taken I have fitted a set of Mercedes Bundt alloys (the later 126 part numbered items though..) and some decent tyres and I have ordered a complete set of new seals (ouch..).

Anyway, glad to have joined this most excellent forum and I look forward to chatting to you all and if you happen to be in Staffordshire then I hope to see you in my travels.

Drive safe and regards to everyone,



Nice looking car. Well done Terry!

Let me be the first to welcome you to the Forum!
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[URL=[url=""]]My[/url] 1976 350SE W116 in Silbergrün[/URL]


Welcome, Terry. That'a a very clean looking W116 - good choice! I like the absence of ns mirror. The original owner of mine also thought it superfluous and I think W116 looks better without one.

If you fancy burning a little more fuel, come down to our meet at Brooklands on 3 March.


Thanks for the warm welcome gents!

It's not perfect but once I have spent a bit of time and money on her then I think she will be tip top - sorry though.. I've just ordered the mirror!  Can't be doing without it unfortunately and to be honest, I much prefer the symmetry..

As regards Brooklands - would love to but it all depends on work commitments unfortunately as I am overseas quite a bit but if I'm in UK then I'll be there for sure.




I'm with you on the mirror issue Terry, sorry adamb. I'm also putting one on my 280SE.

Too much manoeuvring in my life to be without both side mirrors.

As a result of driving vans all my life I generally only use side mirrors and not the central rear vision mirror!
110011 1967 230
108057 1972 280SE3.5
116024 1979 280SE
126037 1983 500SEL
124030 1989 300E


Welcome Terry - and wow, what an awesome looking Benz - bright and shiny.
yup, there's a certain juiciness to a 116 that no other Benz has. Enjoy


Welcome Terry, what a great purchase you have made there, would have been a crime to pass that one up. Not sure I agree about the mirror being missing, the lack of symmetry jars a bit to me but that's

just a personal thing. Nice car.


Sorry just found this thread ::)

Welcome to the site. Looks a lovely car. Nice colour combo too silver with blue trim.

Although I prefer leather interiors in a car, Mercedes velour from this era is just so special when in good condition.
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Hi Gents and thanks for the welcome.

I've just spent a small fortune in my efforts to bring the car up to a very nice standard - pat of which is the interior.  Although the photos look good the interior is sadly looking quite tired...  I have approached a guy I used before (for my 66 230SL) and ordered a complete new interior.  The velour is going as I'm not that fond of it and all the dark blue is quite depressing!  The new trim is all Mercedes but will now be a combination of grey loop carpet with blue binding, blue MB Tex seats with grey piping and grey embossed MB Tex door panels.  Yes I know, not quite original but at least it's all period Mercedes!  A couple of areas on the paintwork are being redone, new wiper arm linkage, new nearside mirror, door seals and screen seals.  To finish, something modern but period looking for the in car entertainment.

I have to admit the car was in great condition when I got it but I was fully aware of the areas I needed to bring up to standard - I really do want this car to look fantastic so I'm more than happy to spend some of my hard earned(!).

Oh yes, it's currently in the workshop having a full stainless exhaust system fitted - the tailpipes of which will be reminiscent of the Pagoda twin straight pipes with a  rolled edge.

All in all... I think I might have OCD...

Will keep you posted and add a few more pictures in time.

Best to all,



Quote from: SteamWorks on 22 February 2012, 11:16 AM
To finish, something modern but period looking for the in car entertainment.

Becker CD changer thingy ?

Nice car !! and welcome aboard.


Welcome Terry.
The stainless steel exhaust is one of the smarter investments you can make. ;)
I had mine fitted in 1988. Fit and forget, except for the engine pipe naturally. Need I say more!


Exhaust fitted and my.. it looks very good indeed and sound wonderful - the V8 bass note without being intrusive.  I finished the tail pipes off a la Pagoda and They certainly add a little something..

New carpet and covers inbound from the US and I'm looking forward to getting it fitted as it will certainly freshen up the interior.  I also threw all caution to the winds and am getting it in for paint as the laquer and the stone chips are depressing me.  Hopefully make the next meet and show it off..

Cheers all,