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Yes another Tire thread + inaccurate speedo

Started by chinny4290, 07 February 2009, 03:45 AM


Hey guys. I did a search and got a lot of tire threads but I'm still left with a couple questions.

I bought these:

bcause I'm familiar that Falken makes good tires (they are a company often used in Motorsports). I put them on today and the previous owner was running 195/70/14s or something like that and they had a much bigger tire wall (I have no idea how to read tires).

So they looks REALLLY small on the Michael Jordon with a size 5 shoe small (kinda embarassing since the wheel wells are so big).

so far handling, they are good but it's hard to tell since a lot of the roads are covered in a small dust layer of salt now (snowed a couple days ago). They are quiet, absorb bumps really well (the car does in general, love the suspension set up).

But as a result, the speedo is over by 10MPH when ever I go over 35. That and I can guarantee with the smaller tires that I'll be burning more gas in attempts to keep up with speedy NJ traffic.

What's the best tire size to recommend for all seasons for the 280S? I'm eyeing these:

And whats the best way to get your money back for tires? I haven't even put more than 30 miles on these tires because of where I was, where I just got them mounted and balanced, and paid about $250 for the set of 4 (not bad eh!)

And how can I recalibrate the speedo? But I'm thinking if I get a bigger tire, it will compensate.

EDIT: CRAP, i put this in the wrong section. Sorry guys, you can delete this I'm going to put it in the mechanicals section.

Thanks guys!
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