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Will the REAL "Most Durable Car" please honk?

Started by michaeld, 27 May 2006, 10:57 PM


Quote from: oscar on 29 May 2006, 06:39 AM
We had a Mazda 323 in the early-mid 90's that never missed a beat.  Having said that, we sold it at 120,000km on the dial.  Who knows how long it would've gone before needing major work.  Nonetheless a great cheap to run car at the time.

Toyota Landcruisers are worshipped by many in Oz.  Many stories of long lived cruisers, but I haven't got any to tell.  I've only driven about 4 relatively new "troop carriers" for work and as 4x4's they do what they're supposed to.
My father has an 84 landcriuser fj60 with just over 450000 on the clock still doesn't miss abeat not even puffs of smoke only one thing has gone wrong with it and that was a water pump.(its always run castrol synthetic oils) but i must say my ol 450 has done over 500000 now and still regularly drags off commondores :)