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Started by koan, 05 January 2011, 12:28 PM


How do we get started then?

Does it need to be seeded with a few topics, like a general FAQ, what wheels fit, or timing chain replacement?

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The easiest way I know to directly create a page is like this:

1) Goto

2) In the search bar, type the topic, idea, how to or tool you are wishing to create (eg "Timing Chain Replacement")

3) It will come up with a page which says "There were no results matching the query. Create the page "Timing Chain Replacement" on this wiki!"

4) Click the Red Link (in this case, "Timing Chain Replacement")

5) It will then display a WYSIWYG editor which you can copy & paste or write new content into.

I think seeding it with the standard topics that get asked a lot would be great (Timing Chain Maintenance, Timing Chain Replacement, W116 Info, Car info etc). Also, you can re-use information from Wikipedia if you find some information which is interesting (see: , under Information for re-users).

Not saying that it's necessary, but if in your travels you find something that is interesting on Wikipedia that applies to our cars, like the page , the easiest way is to copy and paste it in the W116 wiki and "[provide] a hyperlink ... or URL to the page or pages you are re-using [on Wikipedia]." This way, we can add our own new information, but we don't have to re-invent the wheel, so to speak, for other things we might want to add here.

The trickiest thing will be getting used to the syntax. It is short code somewhat similar to what the forum uses for uploading pics, making quotes, etc.


I forgot something important... image uploading! It is a little convoluted, but you can do it like this:

1) Hit the button in the editor for inserting a picture

2) Paste the address into the short code [[File:Example.jpg]]

I think for now the images database would be the best place to use images from, only because it ensures the pictures won't be lost over time. For a regular post on the forum, us using our own third party picture uploading service is fine. But if we want to make sure the picture will always be there on the Wiki, I think it's better to keep it stored all in the same place.


One thing I did forget is that if you want to create a quick and dirty page that is already formatted nicely, you can simply go to Wikipedia and find a page that is formatted how you would like. So, you can goto , for example, and click "Edit" or "View Source" in the upper right (depending on if the page is editable or not). You can then copy & paste this into your new Wiki page and change the pertinent information as you see fit, while keeping the formatted short code.

calvin streeting

I would just like to say COOL.....

i use wiki in our work for documenting procdures etc.. very simple.. and again cool

well done everyone :)


wow, its up and runnning  :D

Perhaps the first things to go in should be a FAQ knowledge base 8)


Great work guys.  I use them extensively in work also - takes a bit of time to get a decent volume of content, but with the amount of high quality info that's already on the Org it shouldn't be too difficult a job to get it building up.
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calvin streeting

a Suppliers index for parts (including country) would be a good page


I have begun to edit the main page:

And created an example Timing Chain description page:

I will be adding more when I have free time. I mainly put them up to help guide people who aren't as familiar with the Wiki software. You can click "Edit" to view the short code, if there is something you want to know how to do.


That is a fantastic idea. I think I will begin on this soon using our compiled resources.



The Wiki is now becoming a formal part of the site.

I hope everyone can share and benefit with each other.